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DHS Fang Bo-AC X

Price:66.00 $


CategoriesMa Long Series, Blades, Elite-Series

Attribute Value
Class OFF++

DHS Fang Bo-AC X

DHS Fang Bo-AC X blade is suitable for players who prefer a powerful attacking play. Allows you to conduct gameplay from medium and long distances. Fang Bo-AC X is a seven-layer combination blade of the Off ++ type, which consists of five layers of wood and two layers of acrylic carbon fiber and has high control characteristics and good speed indicators. Improved by the FL grip, which fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip. Weighs 90 grams. Pairs well with sticky rubbers.
Type of base Off++
Quantity layers 7 (5+2AC)
Thickness 6,0mm
Handle type Fl
Weight 90 gr


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