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Product memorabilia (blade)

March 6, 2017

chronicle_01 1960s – 1980s

08.032 were the blades used by most athletes.


DHS developed Hurricane series blades for Chinese national T.T. teams, a return of DHS to Chinese national T.T. teams.

 chronicle_02  2005

Wang Liging with hurricane racket won the champion of World Cup. DHS returned to top ranks.

 chronicle_03  2006

With the development of Dipper Carbon and glass blades, Composite material blades played an essential role in DHS blades family.

 chronicle_04  2007

Wang Hao with Hurricane Hao won the champion in World Cup, which meant the improvement in overall strength of DHS blades.

 chronicle_05  2008

TG-T7 blades was widely used in Chinese national team and provincial team.

 chronicle_06  2009

The successful development of Hurricane Wang 655,  Hurricane Hao 656(used by Wang Ligin and Wang Hao respectively), and TG 825,  which were suitable for “VOC free” era, greatly increased the usage rate of DHS blade by 40% in Chinese national T.T. team.

 chronicle_07  2013г

To adapt to new styles in new era, DHS was developing supporting blades for new material T.T. balls. DHS leaded in the market in its equipment development.

 chronicle_08  2014г

In Chinese National Team, 36,67% use DHS blades.


Ma Long using DHS weapons(Hurricane Long 5 + Hurricane 3) won the champion of the 53rd World T.T. Championships.