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DHS W968 Hurricane Long 5

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Attribute Value
Class OFF+

DHS W968 Hurricane Long 5

This is a limited version of the famous DHS Hurricane Long 5 blade. The DHS W968 was specially designed for the Chinese champion Ma Long. The components of this blade have been carefully selected, preserved and manufactured to the highest levels of quality and precision that a World Champion deserves. Each stage of production has undergone rigorous inspection and control by the production team, which makes the blades for the members of the China National Team. Effective at the table, at medium and long range. Recommended for professional players who prefer fast and powerful topspins. Perfectly balanced. Improved by comfortable FL grip, which fits comfortably in the hand and does not slip. This model is supplied complete with a storage pouch.
By purchasing this blade, you agree that your name and address will be stored in the DHS database as the rare owner of the W968 blade.

Type of base Off+
Quantity layers 7 (5+2AC)
Thickness 5,9 mm
Handle type Fl
Weight 89 g


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